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Aviation Security Training Centre
Aviation Security Training Centre was established in the year 2004 and had been approved by Bureau of Civil Aviation Security Vide Notification No CAS-08(53)2005/DIV-V/Trg dated 09 Feb 2005.

The Training Centre is equipped with Computer Based Training (CBT) Facility. The trainings are imparted with Standardized Training packages approved by ICAO and all courses are conducted as per ICAO standards.

The objectives of the training programme are to equip all the employees of Air India with latest Security guidelines and to ensure that the National Civil Aviation Security programme is effectively implemented.

The following BCAS approved courses are offered at the Training Centre:

1. Air Crew ( Cockpit crew) Ab- initio course 06 w.days
2. Air Crew ( Cockpit crew) refresher course 02 w.days
3. Air Crew ( Cabin crew) Ab- initio course 06 w.days
4. Air Crew ( Cockpit crew) refresher course 02 w.days
5. AVSEC Basic for Airline Staff 12 w.days
6. Testing and certification of screeners ( In house training) 02 w.days
7. Profiling course 07 w.days
8. AVSEC Awareness for operational, department staff 01 w.day
9. AVSEC Awareness for courier / cargo agents 02 w. days
10. Courses for access control guarding vital installation 03 w. days
11. AVSEC Awareness training for postal; Mail / Speed post Staff 02 w. days